Script Supervisors
Bhairavi Patel
Script Supervisor

Bhairavi is an organised and amiable script supervisor, developing and maintaining good working relationships on set.
Has worked with many first time directors and been able to support and adapt to their various approaches to filmmaking, including improvisation.
A good understanding of film theory (BA Film & TV Studies), and working knowledge of scriptwriting and script editing, with an MA in Screenwriting.
Experience includes 35mm & digital formats, multi-camera, VFX, green screen, UK and US slating systems.

Selected Credits

Feature Films

MAKE UP Script Supervisor 
Quiddity Films / iFeatures | Directed by Claire Oakley 
Directed by James Nunn | Produced by Michael J. Luisi 
BENJAMIN Script Supervisor
Open Palm Films | Directed by Simon Amstell
THE WORLD WE KNEW Script Supervisor
Powis Square Pictures | Directed by Matthew Benjamin Jones & Luke Skinner
US AMONG THE STONES Script Supervisor
Likely Story | Directed by Dictynna Hood
LADY MACBETH Script Supervisor
Sixty Six Pictures / iFeatures | Directed by William Oldroyd 
Solar Productions / GSP Studios | Directed by Mark Murphy
ALLEYCATS Script Supervisor
Fyzz Facility Film Six | Directed by Ian Bonhote
SPACESHIP Script Supervisor
Lucidia Films | Directed by Alex Taylor
PETROLEUM SPIRIT Script Supervisor
Mirror Productions | Directed by Rob Sanders
Aviary Films | Directed by Russell England
THE LESSON Script Supervisor
Urban Fox Films | Directed by Ruth Platt
CONTAINMENT Script Supervisor
Bright Cold Day / Containment Films | Directed by Neil West
NICE 2 MEET U Script Supervisor
Mates United | Medan Productions | Directed by Naveen Medaram


KILLING EVE  Script Supervisor | Splinter Unit 
Sid Gentle Films | Directed by Jon East 
Produced by Colin Wratten 
JUST A COUPLE Script Supervisor
Big Talk Productions | Directed by Sebastian Thiel
Featuring Michael Salami & Frieda Thiel
Script Supervisor 
BBC | Directed by Cecile Emeke
Featuring Vanessa Babirye, Michelle Tiwo 

Short Films

WORK Script Supervisor
SGO Productions | Directed by Aneil Karia
Produced by Scott O'Donnell
WE LOVE MOSES Script Supervisor
London Calling Plus | Directed by Dionne Edwards
Produced by Georgia Goggin
OYSTERS Script Supervisor
London Calling Plus | Directed by Pratyusha Gupta
Produced by Emma Duffy
DISTANCE Script Supervisor
Directed by Roberto Oliveri | Produced by Ali Mansuri
ELLA & THE BLIND WITCH Script Supervisor
Fazed Films | Directed by Michael Cimpher
ENCOUNTER Script Supervisor
Kensal Films | Directed by Ashley Horsley
VERONA Script Supervisor
Soliloquy Pictures / Mirror Productions
Directed by Yorgo Lykouria
ONCE A MAN Script Supervisor
Illicitus Productions | Directed by Asim Abbasi
POPCORN Script Supervisor
LFS Graduate Project | Directed by Khalid Jabaly
NO LOVE LOST Script Supervisor
IBFilmn | Directed by Shekhar Bassi
HUNTING BEARS Script Supervisor
LFS Graduate Project | Directed by Cheryl Ford
PAOLO Script Supervisor
The Cost of Utopia Production 
Directed by Maxence Germain-Vassilievitch
LO SIENTO Script Supervisor
LFS Graduate Project | Directed by Nathan Hennenfent
OPEN HOUSE Script Supervisor
Directed by Kate Herron
LOVE NOR MONEY Script Supervisor
Directed by Jack Delaney | Produced by Matt Gordon

Other Credits

PARTS        Script Supervisor
Independent TV Comedy Promo
Written & Produced by Kerry Fitzgerald
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