How do I submit a representation request?

If you wish to be considered for representation please submit a short inquiry, along with your CV, via our 'Contact Us' page. Inquiries submitted without a CV will not be considered.

Unfortunately, due to the large quantity of requests we receive, we cannot respond to every applicant. All requests are given serious consideration, and should we wish to take you on, or discuss further, we will be in touch. Follow-up calls are not required. Should you not receive a response within 3 weeks, please assume that we cannot accommodate you at this time. However, we know how quickly people progress through the industry, so please feel free to submit a request again after 6 months have elapsed.


What does Gems do as an agent?

As your agent, Gems will represent your best interests. We will negotiate your contracts to get you the best possible deal, raise your invoices, ensure you are paid correctly (including overtime, broken turnarounds etc) and monitor all payments from start to finish.

How will Gems get me onto productions?

We are pro-active in tracking productions from development right through to wrap. Gems are a familiar and permanent contact number for production companies and broadcasters who routinely call us for their crewing requirements; they are in receipt of our Crew List, in which all our clients are featured. Your CV is hosted live on our website and updated regularly with your latest credits and viewed by Clients and Productions.


Will you charge commission on all my work?

These days, industry professionals are often tied to traditional agents who require them to pay 10% of all they earn. Gems offers a more equitable approach, which is unique to the industry, by only charging commission on contracts that we have obtained for you or on any offers of work which you obtain personally but have chosen to have Gems act as your agent to negotiate the contract on your behalf.


Will I have to pay any membership fees?

Gems does not charge a membership fee. We only charge commission (plus VAT) on work that we have secured for you.


What are the benefits of being represented by Gems?

Joining Gems provides you with a professional image and alleviates the need for you to engage in awkward negotiations, which could affect your later working relationship. We continuously recommend you for suitable work, keep your diary up to date and take any messages for you. We take bookings, call times and any other important information about work that comes in for you.


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