Costume Supervisor
Grace Brooks


Series 12 
Costume Supervisor 
BBC | Directed by Jamie Magnus Stone & Lee Haven Jones
Produced by Chris Chibnall | Costume Designer Ray Holman
Series 5 
Costume Supervisor 
BBC Comedy Productions for BBC Three | Directed by Ben Gregor 
Produced by Izzy Mant  | Costume Designer: Chloe Adele 
Series 4 
Costume Supervisor 
Tiger Aspect Productions for BBC Two | Directed by David Caffrey 
Produced by Joe Donaldson | Costume Designer: Alison McCosh 
Series 1 
Costume Supervisor 
BBC Grafton House Productions for BBC Three | Directed by Andrea Harkin & Robert McKillop 
Produced by Gabriel Silver | Costume Designer: Lesley Abernethy 
Series 7 - 9 
Costume Assistant & Maker 
CPL Productions for Sky One | Directed by Richard van't Riet 
Produced by Ish Kalia, Andrew Norgate, Ed Ryland & Luke Shiach | Costume Designer: Eve Collins 
Costume Assistant 
Endemol for ITV | Directed by Unknown 
Produced by Unknown | Costume Designer: Leah Archer 
AMAZING GREYS  Costume Assistant 
ITV Studios | Directed by Unknown 
Produced by Unknown | Costume Designer: Eve Collins 
GOOD OMENS  Costume Assistant | Dailies 
BBC Comedy Productions for BBC Two | Directed by Douglas Mackinnon 
Produced by Tim Bradley | Costume Designer: Claire Anderson 
GUERRILLA  Costume Assistant | Dailies 
Fifty Fathoms for Sky Atlantic | Directed by Sam Miller & John Ridley 
Produced by Yvonne Isimeme Ibazebo | Costume Designer: James Keast 
Series 2 
Costume Assistant | Dailies 
Abbott Vision for Channel 4 | Directed by Catherine Morshead, Sarah O'Gorman & Samira Radsi 
Produced by Simon Meyers | Costume Designer: Louise Allen 
Series 2 
Principal Costume Standby 
Buccaneer Media for ITV | Directed by Charles Martin 
Produced by Annie Harrison-Baxter | Costume Designer: Yves Barre 
Series 6 
Princial Costume Standby 
Big Talk Productions for ITV | Directed by Terry McDonough 
Produced by Rebecca Ferguson | Costume Designer: Darren Finch 
Series 18 & 19 
Principal Costume Standby 
BBC Productions for BBC One | Directed by Various
Produced by Madonna Baptiste | Costume Designer: Stewart Meachem (18), Anne Rudd (18) & Darren Finch (19)
MR. SLOANE  Costume Trainee & Crowd Continuity 
Big Talk Productions for Sky Atlantic | Directed by Robert B. Weide 
Produced by Clelia Mountford | Costume Designer: Annie Hardinge 
DATES  Costume Trainee & Crowd Continuity 
Balloon Entertainment for Channel 4 | Directed by Various 
Produced by Bradley Adams | Costume Designer: Annie Hardinge 
Series 2 
Costume Trainee & Crowd Continuity 
Tiger Aspect for Sky Atlantic | Directed by Matt Lipsey, Chris Bran & Justin Chubb 
Produced by James Dean, Chris Carey & Margot Gavan Duffy | Costume Designer: Annie Hardinge 
Costume Trainee 
ig Talk Productions for Comedy Central | Directed by Dominic Brigstocke & Martin Dennis
Produced by Sam Ward | Costume Designer: Leah Archer 

Feature Films

POLTERGEIST  Costume Supervisor & Standby 
Framestore | Directed by Gil Kenan 
Produced by Roy Lee, Sam Raimi & Rob Tapert | Costume Designer: Delphine White 
PATRICK Costume Assistant 
Flat Faced Films | Directed by Mandie Fletcher 
Produced by Vanessa Davies, Paul de Vos, Sue Latimer & James Spring | Costume Designer: Leigh Nichol 
FINAL SCORE  Costume Assistant | Dailies 
Drybake Final Score | Directed by Scott Mann 
Produced by Dave Bautista, Wayne Marc Godfrey, Marc Goldberg & James Harris | Costume Designer: Liza Bracey 
BREATHE  Costume Assistant | Dailies 
The Imaginarium | Directed by Andy Serkis 
Produced by Jonathan Cavendish | Costume Designer: Charlotte Walter 
MRS. BROWN'S BOYS D'MOVIE  Costume Trainee & Crowd Continuity 
Universal Pictures | Directed by Ben Kellet 
Produced by Stephen McCrum | Costume Designer: Leah Archer 
THE HARRY HILL MOVIE  Costume Trainee & Crowd Continuity 
Lucky Features | Directed by Steve Bendelack 
Produced by Robert Jones | Costume Designer: Leah Archer 
Les Miserables  Trainee Costume Maker - Menswear 
Working Title Films | Directed by Tom Hooper 
Produced by Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Debra Hayward & Cameron Mackintosh | Costume Designer: Paco Delgado 
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