Sian Grigg | Make-Up & Hair Designer
Credits include Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, The Revenant, The Wolf of Wall Street, Django Unchained, & The Great Gatsby

"GEMS are an amazing support system, they take care of all the things I don’t have time to do as I’m always so busy. They have made a lot of wonderful introductions over the many years I’ve been represented by them and will then manage the deal, the invoicing and the contract; ensuring all run smoothly. Because of the comprehensive service GEMS provide I am able to concentrate on my job and look after my artists"
Daniel Parker | Make-Up & Hair Designer
Credits include The Queen's Gambit, Chernobyl, The Matrix Resurrections, Band of Brothers Cloud Atlas

"I have been in the business for 40 years and GEMS and Jayne are without doubt the best agents I have ever had… I was informed in the past that I was with the best agent/agencies, but this only became reality when back in 2008 I changed my agent and agency to Jayne and GEMS"

Marcus Collier | 1st Assistant Director
Credits include His Dark Materials, Victoria, Keeping Faith, The Serpent & The Lost King

"I’ve been with GEMS for 20 years. Jayne and her team have always been supportive and proactive and have helped greatly in my career development. They understand the marketplace of high end TV dramas, feature films and commercials and have secured me many fantastic projects taking me all over the world. I look forward to many more successful years with Jayne and her team"
Ben Burt | DGA Assistant Director 
Credits include The Witcher, The Northman, London Has Fallen, Les Miserables & The Expendables 2 & 3
"Over the last 10 years GEMS have given me a real platform to build from and Jayne's invaluable knowledge of the freelance world, informed guidance and always positive support helped carve out a much clearer trajectory to where I wanted to go"
Paul Sarony | Line Producer
Credits include The Great, Ms. Marvel, Show Dogs, The Lovebirds & A Rather English Marriage

“GEMS offer such a great wide choice of crew from very experienced to those newest in the industry and that wide strength of clients means you will nearly always have someone to fit the bill no matter what level of budget or where it shoots. Apart from this great and efficient work and the charming way in which GEMS deal so promptly with all enquiries I am also delighted to see GEMS support the newer and upcoming talent in the industry which is also very important. Many thanks and hoping to keep working with you and your team for many years to come”


Adam Knopf | Head of Production | Urban Myth Films 

“GEMS are always incredibly helpful and efficient.  Over the years they have helped introduced me to or provided a number of very professional crew.  There have been a number of occasions where they have helped me out of a sticky situation by helping me search out crew even if they aren’t on their books!  I have a great relationship with the team and long may this continue”


Roopesh Parekh | Producer  

"I have always found Jayne, David and the team at Gems to be extremely proactive in finding work for their clients. They are passionate about pitching their roster and I have always found their service to be extremely efficient and super-fast and that’s always fantastic, especially when you’re working to tight time constraints. It’s always a pleasure to work with them and I look forward to continuing to employ some of their very talented and world-class clients"

Pierre-Yves Gayraud | Costume Designer 
Credits include Perfume, The Bourne Identity, A Hologram for the King, Rosemary's Baby The Promise

“When I met Jayne Gregory 7 years ago it was immediately clear that our journey together would be an incredible opportunity for me. At that moment of my career I had a lot of questions about choices I had to make. I wanted to work more abroad and continue to have great offers. Jayne is a talented agent who is always listening, always shakes her hands (her favourite expression) to propose me exciting projects. Clever, pragmatic, with a warm sense of humour she also manages my doubts well, always finding the words to help me make the best choice. She enjoys entertainment and she is always ready to see a good Musical. She is always available to exchange and share, her priority is always to offer me, with enthusiasm, scripts that make me happy. All her qualities make her an incredible partner and her strong and kind personality gives GEMS and all her team a singular touch with a warm and family spirit”

David Bryan | Production Designer
Credits include Terminator: Dark Fate, Fast Girls, Close to Me, Silverpoint Starfish

"I have had the pleasure of having GEMS represent me as a Production Designer and Art Director for many years.
This alliance has given me the chance to work in numerous countries around the world on a whole range of projects; from small but wonderful television shows to major award-winning feature films working with some outstanding directors, cinematographers and crew. It is always good to know that there is a lovely team of people who are looking after you and pursuing engagements for the future"


Stefan Pectu | 1st AD
Credits include The Flash, War Dogs, Palomino, The Nun, Strike Back The Capture

"Brilliant agency! All of the staff is dedicated and passionate about their work. It is the agency that you will want to have your name attached to, and the agency that you would contact first when you are crewing up."


Adrian Kelly | Producer
Credits include Killing Eve, 1066 & Cuckoo

“I’ve always been grateful for the advice and support I received as a client.  Having a team of people who will ‘have your back’ as you progress through the ranks of the film industry is a valuable thing and GEMS is that.  

As a Producer GEMS provides access to excellent UK production talent from all levels.  I trust their recommendations and they will always be part of whatever I’m crewing”


Irene Chawko | Script Supervisor
Credits include Death on the Nile, Killing Eve, Belfast, Luther, Parade's End, Their Finest Pride

"I have been with GEMS for years and in all that time have been impressed with the way they operate, always professional in putting me forward for jobs and setting up meetings. Through GEMS I have been introduced to some amazing jobs worldwide. They are extremely supportive, helpful and ready to listen and do an excellent job of negotiation right through to invoicing on my behalf. I would be lost without Jayne and David and the rest of the team. Thank you for all the wonderful jobs you have brought my way. I am proud to be represented by GEMS"

Mark Roper | DGA Assistant Director 
Credits include Don't Breathe, Bitter Harvest, The Strangers, Stonehurst Asylum Ibiza

“I have been a client of GEMS for many years and their support and optimism has never flagged. As an Agency, they keep their fingers on the pulse and are aware of what future productions are in the offering. Negotiation skills are top notch and I’ve never had to remind their great accounts team that an invoice is due. Great people, great communication and, best of all, they’re keen rugby supporters! I have no qualms about recommending GEMS to any crew member out there that needs advice and support in what is a competitive and crazy industry”

Davina Lamont | Make-Up & Hair Designer
Credits include Cowboy Bebop, Diana, Elysium, The Hobbit, X-Men: First Class, King Kong & The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

“Joining GEMS has been the number 1 best thing that could have happened in my career. The doors that have opened and the opportunities given to me has been invaluable. Jayne works tirelessly to give me support on the many different continents I end up working within my job. They are like my family”

Keith Dunne | Production Designer
Credits include The Pact, Harlots, Young Wallander, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Cursed

“I joined GEMS about 3 years ago and since then Jayne and her team have helped my career grow immensely. Always proactive, professional, fun and supportive. I feel very privilege and secure to be part of the agency knowing they have both my professional and personal interest in hand”

Tim Dennison | Line Producer

"Having known Jayne Gregory and her wonderful support team at GEMS for many years now, they are always my first port of call when ‘crewing’ for a feature film. As a Line Producer, it’s key to get highly skilled and talented Heads of Department onto a production - and I have found GEMS has a great and broad choice of personnel available both in London as well as in Wales and other parts of the UK too. I have always found Jayne and her staff to be very production knowledgeable and friendly which makes my life easier when engaging their clients. GEMS is a great agency and one that I would recommend to any production if they want to secure the ‘top talent' currently on offer"

Toby Sherborne | 1st Assistant Director
Credits include The Trial of Christine Keeler, The End of the F***ing World, Brassic, Baptiste & The Outlaws

"I’ll always be grateful to Jayne, David and the team at GEMS for helping me transition and advance my career in the years since I joined them. When looking back I realise that I could never have done it without them. It’s a good feeling to be supported by people who are always efficient, caring and fun to work with. I’d recommend GEMS to anyone"

Dean O’Toole | Line Producer

"As a Line Producer I’m constantly turning to GEMS when I’m looking to crew up. As a client Jayne and the team and have got me jobs working with some of the best production companies in the UK”

Damian Anderson | Unit Production Manager

"I have had the pleasure of working recently with GEMS and I could not have had a better experience. A solid line of communication at all times, clear dialogue when making deals as well as a true understanding of the film and TV world; which is clearly indicative by the high standard of clients they represent. I already look forward to working with them again on my next project"

Tina Kalivas | Costume Designer
Credits include Saint Maud, The Man Who Fell to Earth, The Girlfriend Experience, The Courier & Die Another Day

"GEMS are a very pro-active, nurturing agency. I have felt very empowered having them as my agent, and they have opened many doors for me over the years. I am very grateful"

Tracey Wells | Make-Up & Hair Designer
Credits include Gran Turismo, Extinction, White Bird, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Quantum of Solace & Sense8

“Jayne and the team at GEMS are the best in the business. They’re incredibly talented and hardworking individuals who have never failed to provide support, loyalty and fun in all the right doses. They are more than agents but indeed true friends and confidants”

Gareth I Davies | Line Producer

"GEMS are my 'go-to’ talent agency when hiring the 'creme de la creme’ of UK production talent - a dynamic, creative, and approachable team who are always on-hand in providing the highest quality service - a dream partnership for any Line Producer"

Robyn Henderson | 1st Assistant Director

“I have been with GEMS for 6 years and they have helped my career grown immensely. They are always striving to get you the best work suited for you. I have worked with amazing Directors and Producers because of GEMS. They are always so supportive and available to talk any time. Without GEMS I wouldn’t be where I am today”

Scott Langridge | Costume Designer 

"Jayne and the team at GEMS are fantastic on every level. They understand the industry and the ever-changing landscape of TV and film production. Nothing is ever too much for the team; they hit the nail on the head every time but with a friendly personal approach"

Roo Maurice | Hair & Make-Up Designer

"As a make-up designer I am very organised and always busy so it is vital that I have the support from my agent allowing me to focus on the job at hand. Jayne and David and the rest of the GEMS team couldn’t be more professional and supportive and as such I will always be fiercely loyal to them. Cannot recommend an agency more to both productions and crew"

Marco Calabrese | Production Coordinator

“GEMS is one of my go to agencies on every one of the jobs I do. They look after a great variety of crew members, so they can help with any kind of budget or project. Whatever your crew requirements are you can rest assured they will be able to provide you with valuable options”

Christiaan Faberij de Jonge | 1st Assistant Director

“Joining GEMS has been the best thing to happen to my career in years! Their team are friendly, hardworking and especially talented at placing me in Film and TV projects with just the right chemistry - here's to the next one!”

David Wolfe | Costume Designer

“The name is the give away! GEMS is one of those rare agency’s that are more like a family then agents; they inspire, promote, push, laugh, protect and in times of need defend those who put their careers in their careful hands! Viva GEMS 💎"

Heike Merker | Hair & Make-Up Designer

“Feeling very pleased being with my agent Jayne Gregory and GEMS. Thanks for having me and all your support”

Rebecca Gillies | Set Decorator

"GEMS have been in my life for 8 years now, I couldn’t imagine not having them; from securing the job, negotiating the contract and managing the invoices – all the things I never have time to do. Thank you, dear David, Jayne and Emily in accounts for your continued support, I would be lost without you" 

Shaida Kazemi | Script Supervisor

"GEMS have been very supportive and have gotten me some jobs I would have otherwise not known about. They took care of me whilst I was filming abroad, and I feel that they constantly do their best to get me the type of jobs I want"

Tim Cole | Line Producer

"For the last 10 years whenever I set up a film, I always call Jayne at GEMS. Jayne and her team provide great crew whichever budget I’m working on and importantly I trust their recommendations”

Victoria Dabbs | Line Producer

“GEMS have always been very helpful to me and my productions as a good source of professional crew. I would thoroughly recommend them to any PM or LP as a first point of call, particularly for any of those hard to find roles”

Allison Wyldeck | Costume Designer

“I have been with GEMS for a few years; a lovely team headed by Jayne followed closely by David. They are well informed about the industry and I have found them to be very supportive and helpful. It’s very reassuring to know that they are looking after my interests. Long may it last! Thank you GEMS”

Katie MacGregor | Production Designer

“I have been working with Jayne and GEMS ever since moving to Wales approximately 8 years ago. My experience has been brilliant. GEMS contacts within the UK wide film and television industry are vast. Because GEMS represent various crew, they are very good at building teams to suit - from Producers to PAs, Designers and Assistants. Jayne and GEMS roster of talent are creative and professional”

David Mack | 1st Assistant Director

"GEMS combine a family-friendly team with a great knowledge of the industry. As a 1st A.D., they get my CV onto the desks of productions I may not even be aware of. Every year I can be grateful for work I would never have had but for GEMS. They are always approachable and communicative; a winning combination of efficient and friendly - quite rare! An essential service to any freelance crew-member"

Iain Andrew | Script Supervisor

"To give you an idea of GEMS; our industry employment range can come from any corner of the globe, with limitless possibilities. Any language, any media, any specific crew requirements. It’s a world of amazing requests. 'I need a French/Russian speaking scuba diving camera op, in the Arctic ASAP, who have you got?', I'd imagine that is a normal day at GEMS. I have been with GEMS for many years now, some years I find my own work; I am a freelancer after all! Sometimes GEMS throw me a curve ball I would never have heard of otherwise. They are my Lottery Card of Film work. You've got to be in it to win it. Other times they send my details for the tickover industry that is UK yearly TV and film. Basically, they put your name in the mix, sometimes in places you wouldn't normally be heard of. They open doors, the rest is up to you, remember, we can't be everyone’s cup of tea but if you are with GEMS at least your flavour is on the menu list"

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