Black Mirror

Sara J. Doughty

Script Supervisors

Sara is highly skilled and has the ability to work across all formats and genres. She has the capacity to work on both single and multi...

Angela Godfrey

Script Supervisors

Angela is an experienced digital Script Supervisor working in Film & TV DramaAngela uses a Macbook Pro with ScriptE software. She is experienced...

Kathy Hughes

Script Supervisors

Kathy has many years of International Shooting experience to offer. Working across a broad spectrum of genres in Film, Television and Commercials.With...

Jim Imber

1st AD

Jim is an experienced 1st AD working in Film, TV Drama & CommercialsRisk Management for Productions Parts 1 & 2, Safe...

Carole Taylor

Script Supervisor

Carole is an experienced Script Supervisor working in Film & Television. She has experience with stunt action, multi-camera...

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